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ZEE DIGITAL EXCLUSIVE: After AIIMS, now a big cyber attack on COWIN platform by hackers | Technology News – newzflash

New Delhi: India is fighting a battle with the Chinese army on the border, while on the other hand the servers of India’s health sector are fighting with cyber terrorists. Just a few weeks had passed after the cyber attack on AIIMS Delhi, that now cyber terrorists have done a big cyber attack on COWIN platform. An Iranian hacker has posted on the Darkweb claiming that he has Admin Access i.e Username and Password of the COWIN platform, along with sensitive data of healthcare workers present on the platform which she wants to sell.

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In his post, the hacker also shared a screenshot of access to the Cowin platform, which includes personal data such as mobile numbers of many health workers involved in vaccination. Apart from this, there is information about the vaccination center present on the Cowin platform in another screenshot. The hacker has claimed on the darkweb that both these screenshots are of the admin page of the COWIN platform, which he controls.

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To get to the bottom of the matter, first we gathered information about this hacker, then it was found that the name of this hacker is Nazila Blackhat and he is a member of Iran’s APT group Shield Iran Security Team, due to which many governments around the world are worried. This Iranian hacker who attacked the COWIN portal had shared his Telegram username on Darkweb and wrote that the person who wants to buy COWIN’s ACCESS from him should contact on Telegram.

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When we spoke to cyber security expert Amit Dubey on the whole issue and showed him all the facts that came out in our investigation, Amit Dubey said that prima facie it seems to be a login leak of the Cowin platform where the hacker had access to a person The Username and Password of the person who has admin access to COWIN has been received, which is available only to selected people and not to the common people. According to Amit Dubey, after the cyber attack on AIIMS and the capture of the server, now after this kind of cyber attack on the COWIN platform, at least the government will have to take necessary steps so that this situation can be avoided in future and along with the security of the border. The security of the server should also be maintained.

 On this whole matter, we had also sought an answer from the NATIONAL HEALTH AUTHORITY (NHA), which operates the COWIN platform, but even after 72 hours have passed, the NHA has not officially given any statement, although according to NHA sources After ZEE NEWS informed the NHA about this entire matter, the NHA team is engaged in the investigation since yesterday morning.

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