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Step-by-Step Guide: Send WhatsApp messages without adding their numbers on Android and iPhone | Technology News

New Delhi: WhatsApp is one of the mostly used messaging apps in India over 500 million user base. You use WhatsApp for both personal and professional use. Hence, you sometimes wish to send other WhatsApp messages without adding their numbers.

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It also becomes beneficial for privacy aspect. You don’t have to save the numbers of the people with whom you don’t engage regularly. If you want to know how to do it, here’s the step-by-step guide to do this.

How to send WhatsApp messages without adding numbers on Androids

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Step 1 : Open a search browser and type https://wa.me/phone number with country code and tap on Enter.

Step 2: Continue on the Whatsapp prompt in the browser when you see the option

This action will open the chat in WhatsApp and you can send messages without adding that number.

How to send WhatsApp messages in iPhones

Step 1: Download the Siri shortcuts app

Step 2: Go to Settings> Shortcuts> enable Allow Untrusted Shortcuts

Step 3: After you are done, open the link on your iPhone and click the Get shortcut button to download it

Step 4: You will be redirected to the shortcuts app. Tap Add untrusted shortcut.

Step 5: Now you can open the shortcuts apps and look for the WhatsApp to Non Contact shortcut in the My Shortcuts tab. You can either run it from here or tap the three dots icon at the top of the short

Step 6: Tap on add to home screen to create a quick launch shortcut on the homescreen

Step 7: Once you run it, you will be asked to enter the recipients’s number. Enter it along with the country code and you will be redirected to WhatsApp with a new message window open.

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