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PlayStation Plus deal: Extra, Deluxe Tiers 40 percent off for 3, 12 month subscriptions

PlayStation Plus is discounted for all subscribers through Friday, January 13. Membership costs for the multi-month, more expensive PS Plus Extra and Deluxe/Premium subscriptions are up to 40 percent lower. But there’s a catch: price reductions only apply to the three-month and 12-month plans. Existing PS Plus Essential/Extra users can upgrade their memberships at a 30 percent savings. You have to pay for the rest of the subscription period, which can last several years if you stack it. Meanwhile, new PS Plus users can get 34 percent off PS Plus Deluxe/Premium subscriptions and 40 percent off PS Plus Extra subscriptions.

Of course, all PS Plus subscriptions come with a seven-day trial. PS Plus is subject to a recurring fee that is collected automatically until canceled, so if you are not satisfied within the trial period, make sure to cancel it in time.

But wait, what are the differences between the three PS Plus tiers available in India? The basic tier, which gives a few free games and access to online multiplayer every month, is not discounted. PS Plus Essential starts at Rs. 499 per month.

The middle ‘Extra’ tier gets a flat 40 percent discount on its three- and 12-month subscriptions, with the former costing Rs.1,199, after which the price goes up to Rs. 1,999 every three months. Meanwhile, the 12-month PS Plus Extra package now costs Rs. 2,999, which rises to Rs. 4,999. In this tier you will receive all the benefits of the PS Plus Essential subscription, in addition to a catalog of monthly games, cloud storage, access to PS5 Game Help and other exclusive content. For the record, a one-month PS Plus Extra subscription costs Rs. 749, which makes this offer irresistible.

Next is the PS Plus Deluxe subscription, which usually starts at Rs. 849 monthly with no discount. The discount is here with the aforementioned 34 percent, with the three-month plan now costing Rs. 1,499, lower than Rs. 2,299. Meanwhile, the year-long PS Plus Deluxe subscription is now listed at Rs. 3,749, less than the pricey Rs. 5,749 price tag. The top tier offers all the benefits of the previous two subscriptions and adds a Classics catalog, which brings a number of timeless games to the platform, in addition to a game trial feature.

PS Plus January 2023 free games

Earlier this month, Sony revealed the three free games coming to all PS Plus subscriptions in January. Until February 6, members of all PS Plus levels can add EA’s space Souls-esque Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, Bethesda’s first multiplayer venture Fallout 76, and Axiom Verge 2, an 8-bit adventure where you explore a vast ancient alien world explores. to their game library.

Sony-owned PlayStation has yet to announce the January 2023 catalog additions for PS Plus Extra and Deluxe levels – expect them around the middle of the month, as is usually the case.

PlayStation Plus subscription in India starts at Rs. 499 per month for Essential, Rs. 749 per month for the Extra plan and Rs. 849 per month for the top of the range Deluxe. For a limited time, existing members can get a solid 30 percent discount on upgrades, and new members can get 34 and 40 percent off Deluxe and Extra subscriptions of three and 12 months, respectively.

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