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Microsoft Teams, Outlook outage makes employees celebrate! Check out these hilarious memes

Microsoft Teams, Outlook and several other online services were reportedly down in India some time ago.

Microsoft’s entire online service platform was unavailable for a while in the late hours of January 25, 2023. Several companies and users complained about key Microsoft services such as MS Teams, Outlook, Azure, SharePoint and more not being available. Microsoft confirmed in an update that the outage affected all Microsoft 365 services and was largely due to a potential network issue. At the time, the company said it was “reviewing telemetry to determine next troubleshooting steps.”

“Each user served by the affected infrastructure may not be able to access multiple Microsoft 365 services,” the page said. However, based on data from Downdetector and several people who depend on Microsoft 365 services, the issue appears to be resolved and all services are working as expected. However, the roughly hour-long outage gave a lot of people the chance to flock to Twitter and post some hilarious memes, some of which have us cracking up.

Microsoft Teams, Outlook outage memes on Twitter

Below are some of the funniest memes we found on Twitter related to the outage of the MS Teams app, which many companies use for internal communications. One post that caught our attention was this post from Twitter user @Sampath0623, whose post shows people partying in an office after the outage occurred, due to a short but leisure break from work (bottom of the page). Check out this and a few other hilarious memes.

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