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Mars Drops M&M’s ‘Spokescandies’ After ‘Breaking the Internet’

Mars Inc.’s M&Ms said their “spoke scandies” are taking an “indefinite hiatus” after recent character updates caused an online storm.

Mars Inc.’s M&Ms said their “spoke scandies” — talking M&Ms that star in the brand’s ads — are “on indefinite hiatus” after recent character updates created an online storm.

“We weren’t sure anyone would notice the changes in the characters over the past year,” M&M’s said in a tweet Monday. “And we certainly didn’t think the internet would break. But now we get it — even a candy’s shoes can be polarizing.

M&M’s said actor and comedian Maya Rudolph will be the new spokesperson.

The switch to the talking M&Ms at the beginning of last year mainly focused on their shoes. Among other updates, the green M&M, a female character, switched to sneakers from high-heeled boots. M&M’s recently released a new packaging that featured all female characters for the first time.

Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson and other conservatives have bemoaned the changes as having “awakened,” sparking online backlash against the brand.

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