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Explained: What is Vine that Elon Musk talked about to bring back on Twitter? | Technology News – newzflash

New Delhi: As soon as tech billionaire Elon Musk acquired Twitter last week, he began making changes and bringing out a lot of new things. He has recently announced to charge $8 for blue tick from Twitter users on the platform monthly and increased the price of Twitter Blue subscription fee to $20. All the sweep changes are sudden and in line with his aim to make Twitter a profitable company. He also announced a creator program like YouTube to support content creators on the platform. 

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Now, he is planning back the long-dead Twitter’s Vine service on the platform.

What is Vine that Elon Musk talked about?

It was acquired by Twitter in 2012. It allowed users to post six-seconds clip on the platform as a precursor to TikTok, which provides little longer video content.  It could be considered as a precursor to TIkTok. However, the company shut it down in 2016 because of various reasons. It not only faced tough competition from Instagram and Snapchat, but also grinded in turmoil at the senior management level.

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What was the recent survey conducted by Musk?

Elon Musk had conducted a poll on October 31 on Twitter regarding the idea of bringing Vine back. In a response, 69.6% people chose the yes button. Only 30.4% rejected the idea to bring Vine back. The poll had garnered over 238.2k likes and 27.1k retweets.  

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