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Do you have an iPad? Use it like a Mac; 10 Pro iWork tips for students on iPad

How to use your iPad like a Mac: Here are 10 tips to turn your iPad into a laptop for basic work.

The iPad is usually considered as a large screen iPhone that is good enough to watch movies, make video calls or fulfill basic entertainment needs. For makers, the more expensive models are great for illustration and advanced 3D model creation, thanks to the Apple Pencil. However, do you know that even your basic iPad is powerful enough to handle your PC tasks with ease? In fact, your iPad already has a set of tools that give almost Mac-like powers.

Has this piqued your interest? Read on to find out how to use your iPad like a Mac.

How to use your iPad like a Mac for basic work

The iWork suite of apps on the iPad offers essentially the same productivity apps you’ll find on any preinstalled macOS device. Knowing your way around Pages, Keynote, and Numbers makes it easy to get work done on iPad.

— You can use the New Activity view for collaboration documents, which shows changes made by other collaborators, and also gives you the option to be notified of recent changes.

— Integration with Messaging apps makes it easier to share documents. You can send a message or start a FaceTime call with audio/video directly from the collaboration menu in an iWork app.

— You can add a video feed from your camera (all platforms) or your device’s screen (on Mac) to your presentation in Keynote and now automatically remove or replace the background of your video.

— Try using Stage Manager to work on multiple iWork documents at the same time, or easily access content from other apps while working on your files.

— You can use the new document menu and customizable toolbar as part of the desktop-class iPad extensions.

— You can also use pivot tables and forms in Numbers to easily add data to a spreadsheet on the go and automatically visualize or analyze data.

— You can also use Screen View in Pages to make it easier to read and edit documents on iPhone by adjusting the content to the size of your screen.

— Use the Apple Pencil to draw illustrations on slides and easily add animations.


— You can present in groups without having to say “next slide please” by using the new “Multi-Presenter” feature in Keynote. The Multi-Presenter feature will enhance classroom presentations and improve students’ public speaking skills.

— The iPad can also be used to capture topics that you want to use in your presentations or documents. Then use “remove background” (replace instant alpha) to capture only the item you want directly into iWork (without needing the Photos app) to build more. This makes creating presentations easy for students.

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