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‘Players have been pretty quiet’: Hussey chides Langer for ‘cowardly’ remark | Cricket

Former Australian cricketer Michael Hussey is not very happy with Justin Langer’s recent comments, in which he labeled the Australian players as “cowards”. Langer spoke at length about his falling out with Cricket Australia, following which he had resigned as coach of the national team. He made the comments in a recent interaction with the Back chat podcast.

However, Langer clarified his comments and made nonsense about the alleged split with some of Australia’s current cricketers, including captain Pat Cummins. He stated that his relationship with Australian players is absolutely good, even though he resigned as coach in February this year.

Langer’s resignation came after Australia’s 2021 T20 World Cup victory, which was followed by a spectacular showing against England in the Ashes down under. Despite an impressive record, Cricket Australia gave Langer a six-month contract extension. In his final days as Australia coach, reports emerged of players having a problem with Langer’s coaching style, which influenced his sacking.

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Hussey shared his thoughts on Langer’s comments, stating that the former coach is still disappointed with the way things have been handled, but that he felt the timing of his recent comments was “not ideal”.

“The timing of it probably isn’t ideal. (Langer’s) is obviously still angry about how it all turned out, and maybe from a Cricket Australia perspective it could have been handled better,” Hussey told foxsports.com.au.

Hussey also said there is no point in looking for distractions as the Australian team prepares for the upcoming Test series against the West Indies, which begins on November 30.

“I feel like the players have been pretty quiet about it. They’ve moved on, they just want to move on. There’s no point in distracting them from it.

“They can’t afford to make that a distraction for them. They will be asked about it, but they will just have to focus on their preparation for the test,” he added.

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