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Only Virat Kohli could have hit those two sixes of Haris Rauf: Hardik Pandya | Cricket News

MELBOURNE: Hardik Pandyaone of the cleanest strikers in the game, believes only Virat Kohli could have come up with those two groundbreaking sixes from a seriously fast Haris Rauf in India’s World Cup T20 opening game against Pakistan.
With 28 needed from the last 8 balls, India had a daunting task at hand, but Kohli pulled off two tricks that will be talked about for a long time to come.

One was a straight-bat six over the bowler’s head and the next was a flick over fine-leg under extreme pressure. That brought the comparison to a very achievable 16 out of the final.
India took a famous win in the last ball of the game.
Hardik, watching Kohli’s mastery from the other side, looked back at those special sixes.


(AFP photo)
“I’ve hit a lot of sixes, but those are special, special and very special in my heart now because of what (it) meant to both of us. I’ve played cricket, so much cricket, but I don’t think everyone had those two shots can play except Kohli,” Hardik told the BCCI website as he sat next to Kohli.

“The best part of what I loved about him (doing that) is that we wrestled, bro. What made it so special was that we struggled together. This wouldn’t have been so special if we’d just walked through it.
“You would have played exceptional shots, I would have been (in the flow)… This was special because we knew we were struggling.”
The star all-rounder also played a crucial bat and ball role in bringing India back from the dead.

Kohli and Hardik came together as India faltered 31 to four, while India needed 129 from 83 against a quality bowling attack.
Hardik talked about his way of thinking as he walked towards the center.


(AFP photo)
“I felt a lot of pressure in the group. With all due respect, a lot of people in big games (feeling pressure) and (knowing) how important it is. We have all worked very hard as a collective and people are happy for each other.
“But for me, I don’t know, I was very numb today. Even when I got to the ground I was very happy and I spoke to Mr. Rahul (Dravid) at first as well, I wouldn’t say he was. ” tense, but he said to me, “you’ve done a lot,” and “be calm” and all that.

“I had to tell him, ‘Sir, please understand I’m happy to be here. Ten months ago I was working in my space and I had no idea and this is where I wanted to be no matter what happens. Just happy to be here playing with the best cricketers in the world, and they’re my brothers.”
I would have taken a bullet for you back then: Hardik to Kohli
Hardik and Kohli eventually shared a match-winning 113-run tie of 78 balls. The star all-rounder got emotional as he recounted the sequence of events.

“The quality of the relationship I have with this group is something I cherish and always cherish. When I came in (to fire), I would have taken a bullet for you (Kohli) at that moment, I wouldn’t have let you get off at that point.
“My goal was simple: what I can do to make your life easy, because you’ve done this over the years in crucial matches. No one is better at handling pressure than you,” Hardik said in his answer to a question from Kohli.

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