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NZ vs Ind – India batsman Suryakumar Yadav ‘makes everyone else look so much worse’ says awesome Glenn Maxwell

Suryakumar Yadav has amazed everyone – colleagues, pundits, fans – with his incredible 360-degree swing in T20 cricket. Glenn Maxwell is the last to say that he was impressed with Suryakumar’s batting, saying “no one we’ve got comes close to that; no one who’s got anybody else comes close to that”.

Not averse to playing some unorthodox shots, Maxwell said the consistency with which Suryakumar has been able to hit some of his most daring shots has been “ridiculous”, and more.

“Suryakumar Yadav does it in such a bizarre, clumsy way, hitting the middle of the bat by pretending to step over it and deciding to knock someone who is bowling at 90 mph off the wicket on the other side. sweep,” said Maxwell. The Grade Cricketer Podcast. “And then just walk his head down while he chews some gum, glove tap, bat tap, a little swagger and off he goes again and does it again.”

Suryakumar, the number 1 batsman in the ICC T20I player ranking, recently hit 111 not out in 51 balls to give India a big win over New Zealand at Mount Maunganui. The extent of his domination and the damage he did could be measured by the numbers of the rest of the Indian batting unit: 69 runs in 69 balls. Virat Kohli called it a “video game innings”, while Suryakumar himself admitted to being amazed at some of the blows he hit.
Maxwell, who is recovering from breaking his leg in a “freak accident”, called the innings “extraordinary” and said it sometimes became frustrating for him to see Suryakumar hit as he was “so much better than everyone else”.

“I saw the [Mount Maunganui T20I] scorecard from the first innings. I took a screenshot of it and sent it directly to Finchy [Aaron Finch] and I said, ‘What’s going on here?’ This guy is batting on another planet. I said, ‘Look at everyone else’s scores and look at this guy who’s 111 out of 50! What’s going on?'” said Maxwell. “So the next day I watched the full replay [an app] and watched the whole innings. It’s just extraordinary.

“He plays some of the most ridiculous shots I’ve ever seen and he does it stupidly consistently. It’s just kind of hard to watch really because everyone looks so much worse because they can’t.”

“He plays so well on the pitch and his wrists and hand speed are so fast that he can make a last minute adjustment, a last minute adjustment to make sure he can get the ball in a hole”

Glen Maxwell

Suryakumar has been in exceptional form in T20Is in 2022. He is the highest point scorer with 1164 runs in 31 games this year, averaging 46.56 and batting 187.43. He also had a great T20 World Cup where he scored 239 runs in six innings with a strike rate of 189.68, often giving India the lead at the end.

And a lot of it comes from finding different angles on the field and doing it consistently.

“He plays so well on the pitch and his wrists and hand speed are so fast that he can make a last minute adjustment, a last second adjustment to make sure he can get the ball in a hole,” said Maxwell. “The way he plays spin, the way he hits it over cover, he turns really well, he sweeps strong and he’s still able to hit the ball across the ground powerfully. Having that ability to get the ball over hitting the ground, but so powerful all over. He’s just that good.”

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