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‘Kohli has some Babar, Williamson…’: Gambhir’s turnaround on Virat’s birthday | Cricket

Virat Kohli had a great time in Australia. He has already won three and a half centuries in four matches for India in the group stage, while leading the pack among the go-getters in the on-going T20 World Cup. His most recent exploits were against Bangladesh when he scored an unbeaten 44-ball 64 under challenging conditions in India’s narrow five-run win in Adelaide on Wednesday. And that was such a blow that even former Indian cricketer Gautam Gambhir couldn’t stop greeting Kohli, whom he had often criticized in T20 cricket lately.

Leading the batter in the game to be won against Bangladesh, India lost captain Rohit Sharma in the fourth over. Kohli then paired up with KL Rahul to score a 67 point standings before the latter departed after making his first fifty in this T20 World Cup. Kohli then bagged an important 38-run stand next to Suryakumar Yadav before the latter also took off. The former India captain carried the momentum, leading India to 184 for six.

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Hailing Kohli’s action against Bangladesh Gambhir explained in conversation with Star Sports how the 34-year-old built up his innings.

“In this batting formation, Kohli has the role of an aggressor in the last ten overs, in addition to being an anchor in the beginning. If you see Babar Azam, it is not necessary that you can call them (other players) an anchor. Virat Kohli is much more than just an anchor. When conditions are tough in the first 10 overs of the match and India is losing wickets like today, Kohli built a partnership by playing second fiddle to KL Rahul. When Rahul was fired, he teamed up with Suryakumar Yadav and became the main hero after Suryakumar’s resignation,” he said.

Gambhir further praised Kohli for his unique ability to shift during a knock, something players like Kane Williamson, Steve Smith and Babar Azam have failed to show.

“This is something you can only do if you have the opportunity. Few players have this ability to be both an anchor and an aggressor. Kane Williamson, Steve Smith and Babar Azam don’t have this, but Virat Kohli does,” Gambhir added.

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