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‘IND produces whole wealth, their position is affected’: Ramiz explodes ICC | Cricket

Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ramiz Raja has launched a ruthless attack against the International Cricket Council (ICC) amid the ongoing 2023 Asia Cup spat between BCCI and PCB, berating the ICC for taking a neutral stance when there are issues between India and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have not played bilateral cricket for over a decade, the latest being the latter’s 2012/13 tour when they played three ODIs and two T20Is. And the last time India visited Pakistan was in 2008 for the Asian Cup. Due to political tensions between the two countries, their rivalry is now limited to Asia Cup and ICC events.

“They are wary and unwilling as India produces all of the ICC wealth, and so their position is unfortunately compromised as a result. The cricket brotherhood is working to make it happen,” Ramiz Raja told the National.

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Ramiz’s comment came amid the ongoing row over the 2023 Asia Cup. BCCI Secretary Jay Shah, who is also the president of ACC, revealed that India will not travel to Pakistan for the tournament next year and called for a change from location to a neutral location. . PCB then replied that if Pakistan’s hosting rights are denied, they would boycott both the Asia Cup and next year’s ICC ODI World Cup to be held in India.

“Of course we have to play against each other. Who wouldn’t want to see India versus Pakistan? There should be no excuse for Pakistan not to play in India or India not to play in Pakistan,” Ramiz added.

ACC is yet to hold an official meeting to decide and settle the matter over the 2023 event.

Speaking to Sky Cricket earlier last week, Ramiz had said he wants India and Pakistan to resume their bilateral cricket rivalry and host each other for such matches, but only on “equal terms”.

“I’m all for games between India and Pakistan, I’ve officially said this,” he stated. “I absolutely love the fans, and they love us too – Pakistan has become a brand in international cricket, the players have fans in India and I know that Pakistan is the second most watched team in India after India. showing an interest in our development we want to start playing but the fact is it has to be on equal terms you can’t be submissive to a particular cricket board we have survived without india for quite a few years now pakistan have internally to the scale of the economy and somehow survived extraordinarily well.”

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