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‘He doesn’t have Kohli’s cover drive, but he is more valuable than any other batter’ | Cricket

Suryakumar Yadav and Gautam Gambhir go way back. In 2014, it was Gambhir who signed on Suryakumar from Mumbai Indians after only playing one match for MI in IPL 2013. In the following four seasons, SKY, as Suryakumar is popularly known as, played 54 matches for KKR and made a name for itself as a finisher. His decisiveness rose to another level when MI pulled him back from KKR in 2018 and gave him a top-ranking position. A few years later, Gambhir said releasing SKY was KKR’s “biggest loss.” In a nutshell, Suryakumar is the number 1 T20I batter in the world rankings and is one of India’s biggest hopes in the ongoing T20 World Cup.

Never a fan of sugarcoating stuff, Gambhir has always maintained from the outset that Suryakumar is one for the future and now that the right-hander has become a world beater, the former India opener said the unconventional way SKY bats are his greatest strength .

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“Let’s not give him names like 360, there’s a lot of work to do. He’s got a lot of talent. Whether it’s 360, 180 or 1 degree, it doesn’t matter. He’s got the game. He knows what he’s doing. ” When a traditional coach sees him, he may say ‘he has an open mind, he doesn’t get behind the line’, but he has been successful with what he has. He has scored points in first-class cricket and in every format Hopefully he will get a chance in Test cricket and do well,” Gambhir told Star Sports.

The former KKR captain said Suryakumar’s batting speed makes him more valuable in the Indian T20I than any other batter, including Virat Kohli, Rohit Sharma and KL Rahul.

“He (Suryakumar) may not have the best cover drive like the others (Indian batters), but he has that 180 strike rate that is much more valuable than the other Indian batters,” Gambhir added without mentioning Kohli’s name, but it was pretty obvious he was talking about Kohli’s cover drive as his comments came immediately after a segment was shown where most of the world’s top cricketers chose the former India captain as the best cover driver at the moment.

Suryakumar has had an incredible start to his international career. Since his debut in early 2021, SKY has played 38 T20Is and scored 1209 runs with a staggering 177 success rate. He has added a whole new dimension to the Indian batting order by taking the number 4 spot. Even in this World Cup, he’s done a fantastic job of taking the pressure off his partner in all the innings he’s played. SKY’s brilliant 68 run knock against South Africa on a bouncy castle in Perth is considered by experts to be one of the best punches of the tournament.

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