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Hardik Pandya’s hard-hitting statement about the striker never run out rule | Cricket

The non-striker run-out rule has long been part of the rules of the game and prior to the 2022 World Cup in 2022, ICC had announced a new set of rules where it was moved from the ‘Unfair Play’ section and is now considered a legitimate run-out . But a few days later, when India’s Deepti Sharma had followed cricket laws to get rid of England’s Charlotte Dean, the cricket fraternity remained divided over the ‘Spirit of Cricket’ debate while also criticizing the law. The Indian all-rounder Hardik Pandya spoke on Tuesday about the walk-out law and made a harsh statement about it.

On the latest episode of ‘ICC Review’, Hardik believed that the debate over this bill should stop and that if anyone ever handed him a similar resignation, he would accept it as a “mistake”.

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“We need to stop making a fuss about the non-striker running away. It’s a rule, it’s that simple. To hell with the spirit of the game, if it’s there, it’s there. Personally, I no problem with that. If I’m out of whack, and someone rushes me out, it’s fine. It’s my fault,” Hardik said.

The Indian all-rounder also spoke about match-ups in T20 cricket, explaining why he felt it was “overrated”.

“Matchups don’t work for me, look where I bat and what situation I’m in, I don’t get the option of matchups. You see matchups are more for the people hitting in the Top 3 or 4. For me it’s just the situation. There have been times when I would like to go up against a bowler, but if the situation doesn’t require it, I won’t take that risk because it will hurt my team,” said Hardik.

“I’m never okay with that. Matchups, it’s overrated. I don’t mind saying it, in T20 cricket, it’s overrated. In ODIs and tests, it might work, but in T20s, I don’t believe it. Yes, I have didn’t win a World Cup, but I’ve won other tournaments and I don’t think I’ve ever worried about matchups,” he added.

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