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Chances are I won’t make it: Glenn Maxwell on India tour | Cricket news

MELBOURNE: Bedridden after a freak accident, all-rounder Glenn Maxwell thinks he is unlikely to recover in time for the Australian team’s tour of India next year and choosing him could be a “big risk”.
Starting with how he recently broke his leg at a birthday party, Maxwell said there is a “high chance” he will miss out on selection for the tour scheduled for February-March.
He has been ruled out indefinitely and is currently recovering from surgery on his broken fibula, which he suffered after a friend fell on his leg while enjoying a birthday party.
“There’s a time limit on when they’re going to announce that squad to India and to be honest there’s a good chance I won’t make it. Obviously they’ll have to see me play cricket and they’re clear I’ll have to take a big risk if they take me,” Maxwell told Cricket Australia’s ‘Unplayable Podcast’ from his home in Melbourne.
Maxwell revealed the details of his accident, saying his former school teacher fell on his leg after they both slipped on a piece of wet artificial turf in their friend’s backyard.
“One of my friends, who was also one of my schoolteachers, we laughed about something and I pretended to chase him away from something,” said Maxwell.
“I think we both took about three or four steps there and both slipped at the same time. My foot just kind of got stuck and it fell, unfortunately at a really bad angle, landing right on my leg.
“It just broke. I heard and felt every part of it. It was quite painful. I screamed a little bit and he said ‘please tell me you’re kidding, please tell me you’re kidding’.”
After the incident, Maxwell lay on the ground for 50 minutes while his friends tried to help him in the rain. It was painful, he said.
“I probably didn’t sleep for two days while I was in pain,” Maxwell said.
“It’s been a pretty awful few days. My wife was unbelievable through it all.
“I shattered my fibula. So I think that was the first blow I heard. It was broken in half, but it also broke through the bone.
“There was also a small piece of the tibia (and) I also tore all the ligaments on top of my foot … the syndesmosis ligaments, they all tore. I did well for such an innocent thing.
“This is the frustrating thing about all of this: I’ve done stupid things on the field, stupid things off the field, and I’ve never come close to getting injured.”

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