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Ashwin’s stunning response to Ponting’s ‘India isn’t at its best’ comment | Cricket

India’s journey in the T20 World Cup so far has been anything but a bed of roses. Apart from the match against the Netherlands, the squad led by Rohit Sharma has had to toil very hard to take narrow victories against Asian rivals Pakistan and Bangladesh. The only game India has lost in the tournament so far was also up for grabs. However, this does not mean that Team India has not yet played to its full potential, as a few prominent names such as former Australian captain Ricky Ponting have suggested. Ashwin responded to Ponting’s comment “India has not been at its best” and said it would be “unfair” to say such a thing.

“India hasn’t been at its best yet, but Virat has been very good in a few matches. He is now the leading goalscorer in the history of the T20 World Cup and I think if India really wants to progress and go on to win, they need Virat to play really well,” Ponting had told reporters.

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Ashwin said T20 is a narrow margin game and having close games doesn’t mean the stronger team hasn’t been at its best on paper.

“The pundits themselves feel like they are catching up with the game and seeing how it has evolved. So it would be unfair to say the team hasn’t stepped up or the team isn’t looking its best. It’s how you perform that matters. on the day and how do you counter a bowler who has thrown a good over you can’t pin it and say a team didn’t play good cricket or beautiful cricket t20 cricket is on small margins so to make assessments i would just say make a review after the game,” he added. Ashwin said Saturday in the pre-match conference.

Asked about his opinion of India as the favorite to win against Zimbabwe, Ashwin said those who commented on the game are also learning about T20 as a format.

“We didn’t get hit easily here (laughs). We’ve had some pretty tough matches against Bangladesh and Pakistan. These matches went to the extreme. because the game is determined by such small margins,” he added.

India has a simple quation in front of it. It’s all or nothing. If they beat Zimbabwe on Sunday, they will finish at the top of Group 2 and, most importantly, confirm their place in the semi-finals. A washout in Melbourne also means India qualifies, but if South Africa beat the Netherlands in their final match, it will lead the group.

In case of a win in Zimbabwe, India’s chances will be slim as Pakistan has a better run rate and if they beat Bangladesh they will qualify.

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