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2022 Men’s T20 World Cup – Ind vs Neth

Equipping and protecting players is not on India’s mind as they prepare for the Netherlands in their second Super 12s game at the SCG. For a side that lost Jasprit Bumrah on the eve of the tournament and whose all-rounder should be handled with care, this confidence in everyone’s fitness is welcome news. India’s bowling coach Paras Mhambrey also suggested that R Ashwin will be India’s main spinner more often than Yuzvendra Chahal due to his batting.
It wouldn’t have come as a surprise if India had reassured Hardik Pandya to see how their next cross-country match is in Perth and the turnaround is short. However, Mhambrey said that Hardik would like to play every game. “Hardik wants to play all the games,” said Mhambrey. “That’s important. And we don’t look at who we have to rest, there isn’t that much thought about a particular player. Hardik is a very important player for us. He adds a lot of balance: he is bowling as well as batting. That, his attitude on the pitch is important As you saw in the last game he played a crucial turn Yes Virat [Kohli] finished it, but to recognize that the pressure will shift to the opponent as the game goes deep takes experience. So much of Virat’s achievements should be given to Hardik as well. Rest isn’t even a discussion. Every game is important.”

Mhambrey was happy with the way Mohammed Shami has molded himself to get out of Covid-19. “It [his recovery] started when he went to the National Cricket Academy (NCA),’ said Mhambrey. “We wanted to see how he felt, what shape he was in, assess the loads and numbers there. And whatever feedback we have, we’re pretty happy with it.

“He’s a very experienced and seasoned bowler. You know what you’re going to get from him, that’s for sure. But the most important thing was how he showed up after the Covid. And we’re quite happy with the recovery. NCA, what feedback and reports we also have we are quite happy with it here he was sitting in a good room whatever discussions we had he was looking forward to this tournament and starting with the first one about he bowled in australia he looked in a great rhythm. And that also gave us the confidence to know what you are going to get from Shami. He is undoubtedly a champion bowler.”

Mhambrey was asked if Hadrik’s presence might give them a reason to play an extra batter. “It all depends on the conditions we play in [in]said Mhambrey. “It’s good that Hardik gives you that four-over option, and that’s what we wanted. Once he does, he brings a lot of balance to the team. And he’s been very effective for us too. He’s taken wickets and that’s very important to us. But that said, getting a batter or playing any other combination will depend purely on the team we’re playing against and also the conditions.”

Speaking of combinations, the pre-tournament expectation was that Ashwin would play middle-order left-batters, but Mhambrey said the offspinner’s batting tipped the scales in his favour, and Chahal would step in if conditions were an “extra”. spinner”.

“Of course we look at the balance of the team, the batters we play against,” he said. “You also have to look at your match-ups. There are no specific circumstances that you are going to look at, you don’t expect to be spinning circuits here. Maybe you have some circuits that help a little spin: we’ll look into it. We play in some of the games second [on a used pitch]. So when we go into the tournament there will be a lot of wear and tear on those wickets. If we think an extra spinner will help, we go for it.”

When asked what they all look at when making a choice between the two, Mhambrey said: “We look at the stroke combination of the teams we play. You do your own homework: which players are struggling, which type of bowlers are struggling. their batters have a hard time against it So that’s one aspect The other thing that works in Ashwin’s favor is that he can contribute with the bat So we’ll look at both things.

“When you pick Ashwin, you look at what he brings to the team in terms of balance and composition. But every location presents a different challenge, every wicket will be different and maybe we need to change our combination by looking at that particular location. ” wicket. We can even play four or even five Seamers if we have to. And we’re pretty fluent in that area.”

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