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What happens if you don’t pay?

Twitter, owned by Elon Musk, has rolled out the controversial Twitter Blue with verification subscription in some countries except India. After paying $7.99 per month, any Twitter user can get a Blue Tick verification badge, but what’s surprising is that they still have to watch “half the ads” compared to non-subscribers. Another advantage is that people with a Twitter Blue subscription can post longer videos.

So, what happens if you don’t pay for Twitter? Well, for starters, your tweets won’t get much visibility, you’ll see more ads and the possibility of getting verified is zero. Twitter will also flag verified accounts more often and your Twitter clout could take a dent.

Twitter Blue with verification is only available on iOS and in regions such as the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. In India, we don’t know when this will be rolled out yet, but the subscription rate for the Indian market is expected to be lower.

Twitter Blue Subscribers Still Need to Watch Ads

Musk calls this Twitter Blue subscription as more “power to people” because they “get a blue check, just like the celebrities, companies and politicians they already follow.”

Note that although the app update has been rolled out, the feature is still not live. This means you just can’t pay to get the Blue Tick just yet. Other features subscribers get are “Half the Ads and Much Better.” Yes, Musk thinks you want to see relevant ads even after paying $7.99 a month and somehow that will help you fight bots. “Because you support Twitter in the fight against the bots, we’re going to reward you with half the ads and make them twice as relevant,” the update notes read.

One notable feature is the ability to post longer videos, while the other important thing is that subscribers are prioritized for quality content. “Your content is prioritized in replies, mentions, and search. This helps reduce the visibility of scams, spam and bots,” it added.

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