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Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Soundarya Sharma, Gautam Vig are nominated

Last updated: Nov 16, 2022, 6:40 AM IST

Bigg Boss 16 contestants Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Soundarya Sharma

Bigg Boss 16 contestants Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot and Soundarya Sharma

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 16, Tina Datta, Shalin Bhanot, Soundarya Sharma and Gautam Vig were nominated.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 16, Tina Datta did something very special for her fellow contestants and close friends, Shalin Bhanot and Sumbul Touqeer. Tina and Abdu Rozdik wrote ‘HBD S’ on Shalin’s bed with rose petals and kept a quarter cup of suji ka sheera there. Tina also decorated Sumbul’s room to celebrate Shalin’s last and birthday.

Elsewhere, Archana Gautam and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary got into an argument over kitchen duties. It all started with Priyanka helping Archana prepare lunch and the latter gave Priyanka an extra task of chopping the vegetables. Archana reprimanded Priyanka for being unhygienic and ‘kaamchor’.

The fight escalated to the point where Ankit intervened and reminded Archana that Priyanka was the first to stand up for her when her eviction was discussed during the Weekend Ka Vaar. Archana replied ‘ehsaan mat dikhana’ in his defense and took the argument to a whole new level by questioning Priyanka’s upbringing. “Mama-Papa ne sikhaya nahin kya?” Archana asked her. This irritated Priyanka and she lost her cool. Archana further urged Priyanka by saying that the whole country knows she is hungry for footage.

Later, Bigg Boss announced the nomination task. Based on the legendary story of ‘The Shepherd and the Wolf’, the nomination task involved Sanchalak Sajid Khan listing his favorite contestants. These contestants were safe from eviction for a week and the non-favorites had to nominate each other in a farm where makeshift sheep would be given the names of the non-favorites.

To nominate a contestant, each non-favorite must select a sheep of their choice and bring it to the wolf as prey and state the reason for the nomination. As a result, Soundarya Sharma, Gautam Vig, Shalin Bhanot and Tina Datta were nominated. While Priyanka, Ankit and Archana got to safety.

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