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Tamil Daily Soap Roja’s ‘On Spot Plastic Surgery’ Scene Has Internet Problems

Some TV series in India are known for scenes that range from horrifying to completely bizarre. Some scenes even leave you with a lot of unanswered questions. As of now, a scene from a series called Roja is trending on the microblogging social media platform for all the wrong reasons. The main character in the Tamil series Roja is included in this scene but what follows is beyond comprehension.

The now viral video was shared on Twitter by a page called Hasna Zaroori Hai. The video begins with an ambulance arriving with the presumed dead body of a woman. The scene then shifts to a woman lying unconscious on the side of a highway, with blood dripping from her neck. When the series’ heroine and others are perplexed, a woman with an artificial face mask appears and applies it to the face of a woman lying on the road. The woman’s face changes abruptly to Roja’s. It’s unclear whether the filmmakers depict it as prosthetic makeup or plastic surgery. The video was also written with a caption that read, “Plastic Surgery on the Road”.

Watch the video here:

The video gained over 865.7k views after it was shared online. Social media users couldn’t believe what they were seeing and ended up laughing. One of the users joked: “RIP medical science”. Another user jokingly said “Itne time mein tho Maggie bhi nahi banta”. A third user wrote: “Ye technology land ae bahar nhi ​​jaani chahiye”. “My eyes, my eyes,” wrote a fourth user. Several users were speechless after watching this video as they commented with a series of smiling emoticons. Check out a few comments below.

Roja, who has been on Sun TV for over five years, with Priyanka Nalkari and Sibbu Suryan. The series has over 1200 episodes and has a devoted fan base among Tamil women. The plot of the series revolves around Roja, a girl who grew up in an orphanage and meets a lawyer to win a case against a trumped-up murder case imposed on the owner of the orphanage. In addition to a large number of fans, Roja is also one of Sun Television’s most successful series.

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