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Sony Unveils Mocopi Motion Tracking System to Make Motion Capture Easy for Metaverse

Sony has unveiled the Mocopi motion tracking system in Japan. It is a system that is a set of six motion-tracking pucks that allow users to access various VR platforms, including the Metaverse, with their smartphones.

The Mocopi system costs 49,500 yen (about $360/ Rs 29,000) and will be launched in Japan in January 2023.

The system consists of six round pucks worn on the ankles, hips, wrists and head. By tracking these individual sensors, virtual avatars can be animated and even used for gaming. Each sensor weighs just eight grams, so motion tracking won’t take a toll on the body, proving an uncluttered experience.

Simply put, the Mocopi System is an easy way to track whole-body movements without the need for expensive equipment. The system works on both Android and iOS.

Sony will soon release a development kit that will allow importing motion capture data directly into metaverse development apps and 3D development tools such as Unity.

Users can also fine-tune the Mocopi system for improved accuracy when playing games and recording motion.

Motion tracking is common in the video game industry to produce high-quality titles that closely mimic actors, creating a more organic look and feel.

With Meta going all in with the Metaverse and VR, Sony is following suit to ensure it has a range of suitable products. Sony’s PlayStation VR2 system for the PlayStation 5 console is scheduled to launch on February 22, 2023.

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