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Savarkar among freedom fighters on the poster of Bharat Jodo. Congress says ‘misprint’

Congress had to fight a major blunder on Day 14 of their ambitious rally, the Bharat Jodo Yatra. The party’s top leadership has joined the workers at the lowest level to walk shoulder to shoulder. However, when their meeting reached the Ernakulum district of Kerala, the party faced a blunder that it had not anticipated.

A poster of the yatra showed a photo of VD Savarkar in a line-up with other freedom fighters. However, Congress never considered Savarkar as a single person, claiming that he was only apologizing to the British rather than fighting them.

The faux pas was spotted by Kerala’s Independent MLA PV Anwar, supported by the LDF. Anwar posted a video on the social media platform Facebook saying that the plates kept in Chengamanad as part of the Congress Bharat Jodo Yatra have a photo of Savarkar. The workers later covered it with a photo of Mahatma Gandhi, he went on to write.

“When pointed out that the photo of VD Savarkar was on the poster of Bharat Jodo Yatra in Aluva, the Muslim League told the Muslim League that the poster is from Karnataka, where the BJP installed the poster during the Independence Day celebrations. But the poster is from Kerala, not from Karnataka. Congress has corrected its mistake by covering Savarkar’s image with Mahatma Gandhi,” the MLA wrote.

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The BJP, which considers Savarkar a hero, jumped on the case quickly.

“Veer Savarkar’s photos adorn Bharat Jodo Yatra of the Congress in Ernakulum (near the airport). Though late, a good realization for Rahul Gandhi, whose great-grandfather Nehru signed a petition for mercy, begged the British to let him flee from Nabha prison in Punjab in just 2 weeks,” tweeted Amit Malviya, head of IT cell of the BJP.

“Rahul ji, no matter how much you try history and the truth comes out, Savarkar was Veer! The ones hiding are the “kaayars,” Shehzad Poonawalla tweeted.

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Congress soon clarified.

“It was a misprint,” said the big old party.

The task of the printers was to compose a poster with photos of freedom fighters. They went online and made the posters with what was available without cross-checking, the party said.

Once the mistake was spotted, local workers tried to cover it up with Mahatma Gandhi’s photo, it added.

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