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Satara Court stops Lavani dancer Gautami Patil’s plantation ride

Satara dropped out of her plantation program and ordered a case be filed against the dancer.

Satara dropped out of her plantation program and ordered a case be filed against the dancer.

The complainant has not disclosed any details about the case against Lavani dancer Gautami Patil.

Lavani dancer Gautami Patil, who has a huge fan base across Maharashtra, is in the news again after a court in Satara halted her plantation program and ordered a case to be filed against the dancer. The court order comes after hearing a petition filed by one Pratibha Shelar.

The petitioner had asked the court to stop the plantation program organized by Gautami because of the controversies surrounding her Lavani dance. However, the petitioner has not disclosed any details about the case against Gautami.

The popular folk dancer hosts plantation programs in various parts of Maharashtra, mainly in rural areas. Earlier, she performed a plantation drive in Nimgaon Ketki village of Pune district, which was canceled because villagers protested against her.

Gautami has often caused controversy for her dance performances. She has been accused of promoting vulgarity and obscenity while performing Lavani dance. Even recently, she expressed her regret to fans at a recent press conference.

Surekha Punekar, a well-known Marathi folk musician and dancer, was the last to criticize Gautami. In a recent interview, she stated that only those who actually succeed in Lavani dancing should be promoted. The veteran folk artist told Gautami that the women who dance on stage while inappropriately dressed are not practicing Lavani, but rather endorsing indecency.

Surekha, a former Bigg Boss Marathi contestant, said that this kind of lewd dance performance should be banned immediately. She even warned that such dance performances will promote violence against women and it will not be any longer before crime against women increases in Maharashtra.

However, Surekha’s comments received mixed reactions on social media. While many supported her by speaking out against vulgarity, Gautami’s fans slammed the dancer.

Gautami has a huge following in Maharashtra, mostly among the rural masses, and she often remains controversial for her allegedly lewd dance performances. She was recently in the news with her latest song Sarkar Tumhi Kelay Market Jam. The song is written by Tej Prakash and Rohan Pagare. The audience believed that Gautami’s facial expressions, eye movements and dancing were perfect. Vaishnavi Adode’s energy personified voice is nicely complemented by Gautami’s fast dance in the music video.

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