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Rishi Sunak ‘Doppelganger’ Spotted Partying at Ibiza Club Called ‘Raving Rishi’

Rishi Sunak has become UK Prime Minister amid a “profound economic challenge” and faces some tough decisions. The internet – the more frivolous part of it anyway – has a very different preoccupation. Turns out Sunak has a “rave” doppelganger, and no, this isn’t Indian cricketer Ashish Nehra. It’s not even actor Jim Sarbh. “Raving Rishi”, as he is affectionately known on social media, was spotted in a club in Ibiza around January this year.

The Ibiza club, although Sunak is not known to have ever hosted, is a popular haunt among celebrities. Niall Horan, Leigh Ann Pinnock, influencer Dan Bilzerian are some of the famous guests who have partied at the O Beach Club in the past. Wayne Lineker, the owner of the O Beach Club in Ibiza, had shared a video of the club-goer throwing shapes, tagging Sunak. “@rishisunakmp is trying to win the Ibiza crowd in the vote campaign,” he had written. After Sunak becomes Prime Minister of the UK, the video is going viral again.

“This guy has too many moves to be Rishi Sunak,” commented one Instagram user. “No as if Rishi was living on O Beach and I was writing emails,” wrote another. “Hahaha talking about letting your hair down, too funny. Absolutely brilliant,” commented another. At the time, many wondered if it was indeed Sunak himself (hopefully in jest).

Sunak is the UK’s third prime minister this year, and has entered Downing Street as the youngest prime minister in two centuries. He announced his bid to become prime minister days after Liz Truss announced her resignation from the top post on October 20 after party members rebelled against her, claiming her mini-budget was negatively impacting Britain’s economy.

The Conservative leader was supported by more than 190 MPs as his contender Penny Mordaunt failed to earn the support of 100 MPs, which is a prerequisite for entering the PM race, and bowed out of the race minutes before it ended. head of the Committee of 1922, Sir Graham Brady, the results.

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