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Planning to throw away old rugs? Here are innovative ways to reuse them

Last updated: November 21, 2022, 5:02 PM IST

Most people have carpets in their home as decoration. Some also have it as a resting place when they don’t want to sit on the bed or couch. Although rugs have countless uses and add a unique charm and beauty to our home, we often throw away old and dirty rugs and replace them with new ones. However, carpets can always be reused in different ways. Let us know some ways to reuse old rugs instead of outright throwing them away.

Making coasters from old carpets:

You can design great coasters for dining tables using old rugs. To do this, place a base of jute or cork under the carpet. Now put these coasters on the table and place your hot dishes on these coasters to enjoy your meal elegantly.

Make a doormat:

You can cut your carpet and reuse it in a doormat. Cut square or circular and put a non-slip bottom underneath. Place the doormat on the main entrance or one of the entrances to rooms or the kitchen in the house.

Place it under plant pots:

You can also make plant vase mats from old rugs and spread them out underneath. To do this, cut the carpet into a round shape and place it under the pots. This prevents soil and water from spilling onto the floor and helps keep the floors of the house clean. It is easier to clean the carpet than the floor every time it is dirty.

Use it for pets:

If you are a pet parent, you can always use your old rugs to comfort your pets in the winter. To do this, cut the rug long enough to cover your pet and spread it out in the area where your pet likes to sit and relax. Carpets are soft and comfortable and help keep the pets warm when they want to sit on the floor.

Place it on the side of the bed:

You can also make the perfect night runner for the bedroom with old carpets that are not in use. All you need to do is cut them into a rectangle and glue or sew a lining in a contrasting color to the corners and edges of the rug. Put them next to your bed and see how beautiful they look.

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