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Our philosophers always considered a human community that transcended political boundaries: Rajnath Singh | News

Nov 25, 2022, 6:17 PM ISTSource: ANI

Union Defense Minister Rajnath Singh addressed the meeting at ‘Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue-2022’ in New Delhi on 25 November. He said that our philosophers have always thought of a human community that transcends political boundaries. Defense Minister during ‘Indo-Pacific Regional Dialogue-2022’ said, β€œIt is our moral responsibility to strive for a better world that is safe and just for all. In fact, in India our philosophers have always thought that a human community transcends political boundaries.” β€œI firmly believe that when security becomes a collective enterprise, we can think about creating a world order that is beneficial to all of us. The global community has been working towards it through multiple platforms and agencies, the most important of which is the UN Security Council,” he added.

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