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Online program can support children with reading difficulties, study finds | News

24 Oct 2022, 16:12 ISTSource: ANI

According to a new study, an innovative program could support children with reading difficulties and help them make significant progress in online use. The study was published in the journal Nasen Journals. Own-Voice Intensive Phonics (OVIP) approach is a computer-aided instructional system that has already been shown to be effective as part of face-to-face teaching as part of previous research. The OVIP method involves students reading the lesson text aloud in response to the teacher’s or teaching assistant’s prompts, and the student’s speech is recorded with audio until it is read without error. The student then listens to the audio recording of his/her own voice, reads the text, writes the words heard and makes an error-free written report of the lesson with support and control by the teacher/TA. The student later repeats the second step independently, ideally three more times, writing the lesson in response to the audio recording, then comparing the accuracy of the new written lesson with the original written record.

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