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New Airport Opening Every 2 Months in the Country: AAI President | News

03 Nov 2022, 16:54 ISTSource: ANI

The chairman of the Airports Authority of India, Sanjeev Kumar, said on Nov. 2 in Panaji that the number of airports in the country is increasing as 5 to 6 airports are opened every year, meaning a new airport comes every 2 months. “Air traffic is getting more and more intense in our skies. The complexity of the airspace is increasing every day and it is important to manage this complexity of the airspace with improved safety standards,” said the chairman of the Airports Authority of India. “Every year we open 5 to 6 airports, which means that there is a new airport every 2 months. The number of airports is increasing. Our aviation industry is growing at breakneck speed. As we grow, we need to be safe at the same time,” he added.

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