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Monkey hugging a cat in viral video are pure friendship goals

Last updated: Nov 30, 2022, 12:47 PM IST

This cat and monkey set friendship goals with their stuffed animal (Photo Credit: Twitter/@RoderoAlexa)

This cat and monkey set friendship goals with their stuffed animal (Photo Credit: Twitter/@RoderoAlexa)

Viral video of monkey making its way to cat is all heart. The way he sits next to her and wraps his tail around his neck is too cute to miss.

If you think you know everything about friendship goals, wait until you see this cat and monkey. Their warm gesture towards each other will melt your heart. The short clip shared on Twitter is a beautiful demonstration of the bond these two unlikely friends share. The monkey makes its way to the cat before sitting next to her and wrapping its tail around its neck. He then wraps his arms around the cat’s neck and pulls him in for a hug. The cat closes its eyes and leans its head against the monkey’s. Watch the adorable clip here:

The internet is in awe of the cute stuffed animal. While to some it looked like the way the cat wag its tail at first, he didn’t like the monkey approaching him, but they agreed, it eventually sat down and that meant the cat didn’t mind found. One Twitter user wrote: “Spider monkey is my favorite animal ever. Watch it curl its tail around the cat’s head, like it’s a third arm. And this weird physique with disproportionately long arms…”

“If only we accepted each other this way! The world would be such a better place! This is why I love animals,” another tweet read.

A third user tweeted, “That didn’t just happen overnight, I can tell you that.”

Twitter is no stranger to adorable animal friendships. Several users shared snaps or clips of these friendship goals. One such clip shows a puppy riding on the back of a chicken. Sure, the chicken sometimes looked like it was having trouble walking, but the two seemed inseparable.

Another Twitter user shared a photo of a cow and a corgi cuddling side by side as they basked in the warm sunlight, their features relaxed. With the bits of snow visible in the background, they certainly kept each other warm.

Which animal duo did you think was the cutest?

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