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Kim Taehyung shows up for a Surprise Live Session with BTS fans, Mentions Jin and Jungkook

Edited by: Bohni Bandyopadhyay

Last updated: January 25, 2023, 1:32 PM IST

BTS member Kim Taehyung showed up on Tuesday for a surprise live session.

BTS member Kim Taehyung showed up on Tuesday for a surprise live session.

BTS’s Kim Taehyung went live on Weverse and mentioned another member, Jin, who is currently in military service.

BTS member V, real name Kim Taehyung, recently showed up for a surprising live session on Weverse. The BTS members are currently working on their solo projects and any sight the fandom, BTS ARMY, can get from the K-pop stars brings them immense pleasure. V started a live, disconnected and came back. Though he didn’t stay long, his short appearance made fans happy.

While interacting with fans during the live, V talked about other members – Jin and Jungkook. Jin is currently absent from mandatory military service. V remembered his huyng’s habit of showing up at other members’ live sessions and dropping comments. It was a clear indication that he missed the oldest member of Bangtan.

“Around this time, Jin hyung pops up and says ‘hi, yo’ or ‘Vo’ (in the comments). Hyung said he is working hard now. He contacted us,” said V.

V also mentioned another popular member, the youngest – Jeon Jungkook. “I was playing a game with friends. There is also Jungkookie. I was playing, but if (someone) dies in the game and (they) might say something that shouldn’t be said in a live, so I came back after I turned it off,” he said, explaining why he suddenly broke off the live session.

His first live session lasted a few minutes, during which he greeted his fans and wished them a Korean New Year. He said as quoted by Twitter user @BTStranslation_, “Receive many blessings for the New Year, everyone! (Happy New Year).” He also later added, “On the Seollal day, I ate with my family and I also ate outside with my family.”

V also told his fans that he held the live session because he was bored. He added, “I’ll come back later when I’m bored. I don’t really use the phone much these days. I ordered some expensive strawberries. I’m going to eat them now. Guys, be happy, be healthy.. don’t get sick. Do well and work hard today too and receive many blessings this new year and be healthy and happy and don’t get sick or hurt. Bye.”

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