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Govinda bumps into his doppelganger at Mumbai airport, wife Sunita Ahuja calls them ‘Carbon Copy’

Last updated: 05 November 2022, 20:48 IST

Govinda meets his lookalike at the Mumbai airport.  (Photo: Viral Bhayani)

Govinda meets his lookalike at the Mumbai airport. (Photo: Viral Bhayani)

Govinda greeted his lookalike at Mumbai airport on Saturday. The doppelganger not only gave the actor flowers, but also fell on the actor’s feet.

Govinda has a loyal fan base that continues to show admiration. His perfect comedic timing in his movies made him one of the top stars of Bollywood. Recently, Govinda was spotted at the Mumbai airport with his wife Sunita Ahuja. He was seen getting out of his car and meeting his doppelganger.

The lookalike was dressed in a maroon suit and sunglasses. He also carried a bouquet of flowers and touched the actor’s feet when he met him. The similarities were so great that even Sunita couldn’t help but point out, “Carbon copy hai ye (what a carbon copy).”

Watch the video here:

Social media users were stunned by the uncanny resemblance. While one user was impressed with how patiently Govinda dealt with his fan, others were still trying to figure out who the actor and who the doppelganger was. One Instagram user commented, “When Govinda meets Govinda.” “I thought the man in red was Govinda,” read another comment. Another asked, “Bhai Real konsa hai.”

This isn’t the first time a celebrity doppelganger has popped up on the internet. Recently, the doppelganger of superstar Rajinikanth is gaining the internet from all over the border. Retired Pakistani civil servant Rehmat Gashkori is not only a Rajinikanth fan but bears an uncanny resemblance to the superstar. In fact, he is capable of performing all Rajinikanth tricks. From the swag way of wearing sunglasses to his iconic way of handling a revolver.


Coming back to Govinda, he and his wife, Sunita Ahuja, recently appeared in Indian Idol Season 13. Impressed by contestant Vineet Singh, the actor offered him a chance to sing in his next film. His wife also said she is a fan of the contestant and the show’s other judges Neha Kakkar, Himesh Reshammiya and Vishal Dadlani.

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