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“Do you want to sell oil to India…” Iranian Ambassador to India Dr. Iraj Elahi | News

05 November 2022, 15:49 ISTSource: ANI

Iran’s ambassador to India, Dr. Iraj Elahi, said on Nov. 4 that Tehran is ready to supply oil to India despite US sanctions, as both countries have close ties. Speaking to ANI, he said: “We always express our willingness to strengthen our economic ties with India. It’s up to India, we’re ready to deliver oil. Iran’s independence is the best guarantee for India.” “The Iranian government has close relations and cooperation with India against terrorist groups and we hope to enforce that cooperation. Sanctions are an obstacle. India and Iran should find a way to solve this problem according to their national interests and not illegal US sanctions. We want to sell oil to India and buy what we need from India,” he added.

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