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Couple falls when man tries to lift his wife on the dance floor

People love to show off their dance moves. Sometimes, trying to do this, they end up looking funny. Such clips often go viral on social media. One of those viral videos on Twitter shows a couple slipping and falling after a man tries to lift his partner while dancing.

“Don’t try to be a hero during wedding season,” tweeted one user who shared the video.

The video opens with two couples, presumably at a wedding party, grooving side by side on the dance floor. However, the man on the left tries to lift his wife. This leads to them both falling on the dance floor together. However, the couple on the right seem least bothered and continue to dance.

Posted on Nov. 2, the 20-second images have gone viral with over 3.67 lakh views and over 8.5 thousand likes.

While most users found the video funny, a few others supported the man’s romantic gesture.

One user commented, “So sad…he’s not trying to make a hero. But he’s trying to make a great husband and I appreciate him for doing his best to show his love for him. Great husband.”

Another user wrote: “Son, if you don’t have that much power there’s no need to try to go beyond your limit.”

Did you find the video funny? Watch and judge for yourself!

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