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Bombay HC provides temporary support to wedding hall owner

The Nagpur Divisional Bench of the Bombay High Court, comprising Justices Sunil B Shukre and Justices Abhay Ahuja, recently granted preliminary injunctions to the owner of a wedding hall on the grounds that if the petitioner were not allowed to host wedding parties, it would break the hearts of the parties who had booked the location.

The Maharashtra State Pollution Control Board issued instructions to the petitioner on July 14, 2022 to comply with the sewage treatment plans. However, in June 2022 itself, the petitioner had booked the venue for two parties for their wedding celebrations scheduled for 25 and 26 November. , and 27.

The petitioner was threatened with closure of the wedding hall and prayed for the water and electricity connections to be restored during the planned events.

The petitioner informed the court that he had submitted offers to comply with the instructions and that he had received offers from the contractors. He said he will soon meet the direction.

The petitioner also argued that he would not fulfill his commitments to the private parties for the bookings he had already accepted for the three dates, which will not only cause financial losses for the petitioner, but will also result in the disruption of the proposed marriage ceremonies between the private parties through no fault of their own.

He also assured the court that he has also provided proper piping, a proper exhaust system, a proper extractor hood and a chimney of sufficient height above “bhatti”, or the firewood hob.

The court, granting preliminary relief to the petitioner, noted: “Not allowing the petitioner to proceed with the proposed marriage function would ultimately result in the annulment of the marriage between young bride and groom, causing great trauma, pain, inconvenience and entail financial loss. sometimes even resulting in breaking hearts. Therefore, this Court should balance different interests by appealing to its own jurisdiction, and in doing so we express our inclination to grant injunctive relief under strict conditions.”

The court in its preliminary order ordered the authorities to provide water and electricity on the said dates of wedding celebrations and allowed them to shut them off after the events.

The preliminary injunction was granted on the condition that the petitioner pay an amount of Rs 3 lakh to the court.

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