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Apple CEO Tim Cook waves checkered flag at Formula 1 GP

Tech giant Apple CEO Tim Cook made a surprise appearance during the Formula 1 US Grand Prix, waving a checkered flag at the finish line in an unusually slow manner.

The Formula 1 United States Grand was held at the “Circuit of the Americas” in Austin, Texas. After 56 laps of racing, the checkered flag was waved by none other than Tim Cook.

Including Cook, other celebrities attended the racing event, including Shaquille O’Neal, Brad Pitt, Serena Williams and Ed Sheeran.

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The CEO was pictured holding and waving the flag on ESPN wearing a dark polo shirt and sunglasses, but he soon came under fire from online critics.

Cook, dressed in a dark polo shirt and sunglasses, was shown waving the flag gingerly and gently rather than waving it quickly or enthusiastically.

Twitter users told Apple’s CEO he’s “not indulging in a war” and said, “Hey Grandpa, calm down.”

“Someone tells Tim Cook to wave the checkered flag and not surrender to war,” one user wrote.

In the race, Max Verstappen surpassed Lewis Hamilton’s record for number of wins in a season by passing him and taking his 13th win of the year.

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