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Twinkle Khanna attended this costume party dressed as a “powerful witch” -Newzflash

Twinkle Khanna attended this costume party dressed as a 'powerful witch'

Twinkle Khanna shared this photo. (courtesy: twinklerkhanna)

Halloween is always an exciting time for Twinkle Khanna. Why do you ask? It’s because she “loves costume parties.” The actress-turned-author shared glimpses of her Halloween celebrations on Thursday. She dressed up as a “mighty witch”. It’s her “favorite”. The first picture shows Twinkle Khanna inside a car while the second reveals her full Halloween look. Twinkle Khanna in her post also wrote a thoughtful note and shared an update of sorts on her work in progress story. Her caption read: “I love costume parties. Dressing up as a character, a strange creature, and my favorite, a powerful witch. But in a story I’m currently writing, the main character wonders: Does it give you more freedom to be you pretending to be someone else yourself, or does it give you a respite from being yourself?

Twinkle Khanna then asked her fans to “think deeply” about her question and answer it in the comments section. She wrote: “What do you think? And think carefully before you post your answers in the comments below. There are no wrong answers.”

Many Twinkle Khanna fans came forward and expressed their opinions in the comments section. “If I’m pretending to be someone I like or I want to be, I would feel free to be more myself to play that role and do things for the sake of the character… And I think we can like to pretend to be someone we can’t be in real life… so I guess it’s more freedom and less breathing room,” one fan wrote, while another commented: “It definitely gives breathing room… but how long can we pretend… reality catches up sometimes.”

Take a look at Twinkle Khanna’s post here:

This is not the first time that Twinkle Khanna has dressed up as a witch for Halloween. A few years ago, she chose the same theme for the spooky festival. She even shared a Boomerang of herself wearing a witch hat and playing with a scary mask. Her caption read: “Happy Halloween to all horror connoisseurs like moi! To the naysayers I can only say this – You may not believe in ghosts but what if the ghost believes in you? Halloween.”

Twinkle Khanna is the author of the best-selling books Mrs FunnyBones, The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad and Pajamas Are Forgiving.

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