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‘Rajeev Sen reached out to me, I feel he was unfaithful’: Charu Asopa says she will soon file for divorce -Newzflash

Sushmita Sen’s brother Rajeev Sen’s marriage to Charu Asopa been on the rocks for a while now, although the couple have made several attempts at reconciliation. Rajeev and Charu, who got married in 2019, were headed for divorce a few months ago. But after announcing that they will give their marriage another chance, Rajeev blocked Charu on Instagram and she deleted all his pictures from social media. Charu has now said that she wants to initiate divorce proceedings and ‘doesn’t want to drag this marriage out’ any longer. The couple have a one-year-old daughter, Ziana.

In an interview with The Times of India, Charu agreed that they are ‘not meant for each other’. She said their marriage has been difficult from the start as Rajeev would suddenly disappear ‘for weeks and months’ and block her from trying to reach him on all platforms.

She added that just before the lockdown he left her for three months. However, this was not the worst for Charu as she alleged that Rajeev has also been physically abusive towards her. “Rajeev is temperamental, has abused and even raised his hand on me once or twice. He would suspect me of cheating on him. When I was shooting for Akbar Ka Bal Birbal, he sent messages to my co-actors to stay away from me. It became difficult for me to work. I feel like he cheated on me, but that’s something I can’t prove,” she said.

On the other hand, Rajeev denied all allegations and said that he never went off the grid ‘as she always knew where he was’. He claimed that she was the one who left Mumbai without telling her. He also denied her claim that he did not support their daughter Ziana, saying he sent ‘several legal notices’ to Charu through her lawyers and said he never said he would not support them. Rajeev added that he never wanted the divorce but Charu did and that she ‘needs to come out of her YouTube world’ and understand the ‘importance of family’. “Obviously two unhappy people living together and not even trying to make things better or adjust even after we were blessed with a beautiful daughter. I would say we are both equally responsible for it reaching this stage ,” said Rajeev.

There has been a lot of mudslinging between the two as Rajeev had earlier claimed that he knew nothing about Charu’s first marriage and that it came as a ‘shock to him’ – a claim that Charu later shut down. While they have both spent months refute each other’s claims, they seemed to have reached a point where they got along with each other again and shared romantic posts on social media. But the posts were later deleted.

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