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Heartbreak. Loneliness. Hope. Living a solemn, quiet life in the picturesque hills of northern India, Rameshwar slowly feels his world slip through his fingertips. In a midlife crisis, the accountant has lost the person he loved most: his mother. Her death brought his life crashing down and left him all alone. It was as if a shadow followed him around. His loneliness was only furthered by his lack of companionship. Without a wife or children, it is up to Rameshwar to figure out his next step and tackle life on his own. Can he make the changes he needs to feel whole again? First depression takes over him. He feels that he has nothing to live for, as if he is lost in the labyrinth of life. He considers ending it altogether, but the universe has something else in store for him, someone to guide him through. Mishti, a six-year-old girl, enters Remeshwar’s life with divine timing. Her amazing spirit and zest for life fascinates him as he watches her blossom from a young girl into a woman. But through her aging, he realizes that their time as friends may soon be over. Mishti is likely to move to America with her fiancĂ©. But for Rameshwar, losing her is not an option. He will not stand for another close person to leave him again. When the twist of fate strikes, Rameshwar is forced to figure out how to move on with his life and find the answer that seems to be right in front of him!

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