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GodFather actor Chiranjeevi: Remaking a film is more challenging than making an original story

Ahead of GodFather’s release on October 5, the cast and crew held a press interaction in Hyderabad. Actors Chiranjeevi and Satyadev, director Mohan Raja, producers RB Choudary and NV Prasad attended the event. Here are excerpts from the Q&A session.

What made you say yes to the Lucifer remake?

GodFather has political drama and family emotions. The team thought out everything quite well.

Tell us about the challenges you faced while shooting for GodFather.

Every story will have a soul and we should be able to connect to it. If we can connect to that core, we can almost predict the future of film. I never try to act based on how a character (in the original film) acts. I want to take the core of the (original) film and look at it as a new subject to act in new ways with the help of the director and technicians.

The film’s director Mohan Raja, antagonist Satyadev and dialogue writer Lakshmi Bhoopal are your fans. What was it like working with them?

It is an opportunity given by God. I didn’t plan anything. It all happened organically. I also feel it’s a big advantage because they know how to show me off on screen.

Tell us how Salman Khan’s presence will help Godfather.

When we thought of having a big person, Salman Khan came to mind. When we approached him about getting a grade, he agreed to do it. He is a big star.

Your dialogue from GodFather has gone viral. What kind of reactions do you expect after the film’s release?

We had no intention of making this film based on contemporary politics. The dialogues were written according to the flow of the story.

Nagarjuna’s The Ghost and your GodFather releases on the same day. What’s your take on that?

We feel like it’s going to a party. If the audience allows us to have a good meal, we will enjoy it.

Your fandom remains intact even after so many decades. How do you see it?

I was in doubt during my comeback film (150th film) after my political stint. I thought, ‘Will there still be love for me (from the fans)? How long will it be?’ But when we held the pre-release event of my 150th film in Bejawada, I was overwhelmed by the huge audience that was present. The audience still treats me like their family member. Their love for me is not only about movies but more than that. It has remained intact.

At a time when Telugu cinema is making waves across India and the world, is doing a remake the right decision?

I wonder why many people look at remaking a movie differently. Making a film remake is a more challenging task than making an original story. Many of my remakes have grossed more than their originals and my characters in these films have earned me great appreciation.

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