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Everything that makes Shah Rukh Khan the “easiest person” Gauri has ever met

Koffee With Karan 7: Everything that makes Shah Rukh Khan the 'easiest person' Gauri has ever met

Shah Rukh Khan with Gauri Khan.

New Delhi:

Shah Rukh Khan was MIA from the new episode of Coffee with Karan 7 but we learned a few things about the superstar, thanks to his wife Gauri Khan, who appeared as a guest on Karan Johar’s chat show. During the show, when KJo asked Gauri, “Has it been difficult being Mrs. Shah Rukh Khan,” she said, “I have to admit, he is the easiest person I have ever met. Like you give him something to eat. Even if it has no salt or it has salt, everything is good. Anything you put in front of him, he’ll eat. He’s just very easy going. So I just find him very comfortable handling things, being at home, with the kids, with the family, with my family coming over. So he’s just born a person who’s comfortable with people around him. Put him in any situation, he just knows how to handle it and be comfortable and not throw his weight around around. So this is one thing I just love about him.”

Speaking of SRK’s hospitality, Karan Johar revealed that the actor always walks his guests out after a party. Reacting to this, Gauri said, “He always looks after the guest to their car. Sometimes I feel he spends more time outside than inside the class during parties. Then people start looking for him. It makes me feel, that we have the party outside on the road instead of inside the house.”

“I have seen that you are completely honest with Shah Rukh. I don’t want to name the film but I have been to a screening where we saw a film of SRK’s which was not very good. And halfway through the film you had pressed at me and said you like this movie?” KJo said remembering an incident. To this Gauri replied, “And if he shows me, he wants my opinion, it must be what I feel and what you know, the truth. And nothing but the truth. And also, when I speak to him, will not be hard and I won’t be you by degrading. And I will never use the words that will hurt him. I put it in a way I will still be honest. I can be like I can talk to you on the side off. But obviously I said it in a more polite way. You know, I know how to talk to him, but I’m making my point.”

When Gauri Khan was asked about the film’s title for her love story with SRK, she said, “Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jaaenge. I love that movie.” KJo then said, “And yours was quite a turbulent love story.” Gauri added, “Yes, it was.”

During the final round where the guests are asked to call their celebrity friends, Gauri Khan called Shah Rukh Khan which won her 6 points. “Hi Karan, how are you?” asked SRK after answering the call. To which KJo replied: “Very happy to talk to you. You just earned your wife six points.” Shah Rukh Khan’s ROFL response: “Ji Gauri, humare saath rahoge toh aise hi point milenge (If you stay with me, you will keep gaining points like this).”

Shah Rukh Khan married Gauri Khan in 1991. The star couple are parents to Aryan, 24, (their eldest child), who graduated from the University Of Southern California. Their daughter Suhana will soon make her acting debut with Zoya Akhtar’s The Archies. SRK and Gauri are also parents to AbRam, who goes to school in Mumbai.

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