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Ayan Mukerji says when he became an assistant director, he chased Shah Rukh Khan films: ‘He was my life’ -Newzflash

Filmmaker Ayan Mukerji says he is a huge Shah Rukh Khan fan, to the point that growing up the superstar meant everything to him. Ayan, who directed SRK for a special appearance in his film Brahmastra, said he was too nervous to shoot with the actor as he has “adored” him.

In the grand epic-fantasy adventure, Shah Rukh played a scientist and a member of Brahmansh who had Vanarastra. His appearance was one of the biggest talking points of the film, with fans demanding a spin-off of his character from the makers.

In an interview with Bollywood Hungama, Ayan Mukerji said that he feels connected to Shah Rukh Khan, who turned 57 today, in a deep way. “We all have certain actors and stars in our lives that we are very attached to. Shah Rukh Khan was my whole life. It was like for me, Shah Rukh Khan was from number one to 100.

“When I became an assistant director, I was chasing films that Shah Rukh Khan was a part of. So I am a big Shah Rukh Khan fan and have been touched by his magnetism in a very deep way,” he said.

In the Ranbir Kapoor-Alia Bhatt starrer Brahmastra, Ayan Mukerji said he was very keen to direct Shah Rukh Khan, but admitted that the superstar came on board immediately when he heard the idea and understood his vision with ease.

“It was a huge moment for me when the dots somehow connected and when we went to him to say, ‘Do you want to do this special performance?’ he agreed. I was super nervous to direct him more than anyone else, because when you idolize someone too much, it can become almost difficult to work with them.

“You’re like, ‘How do I instruct him, he’s a master,’ but he’s a very kind, generous and extremely intelligent person. So I think he could understand my personality in two minutes and still find a way around it, Ayan said.

Today, Ayan Mukerji said, when he sees Shah Rukh Khan, it feels like he “can’t really look him in the eye”. “I feel such a sense of gratitude that he just agreed to come in and do a sequence for Brahmastra and just help us out. It was just a much harder thing to do, I respect and love him and I’m eternally grateful for that,” he added.

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